Pawlkies Doggie Day Care

Doggie Day Care at Pawlkies




At Pawlkies Pet Care, day care dogs enjoy the company of other dogs in our house and play areas and there is always a staff member on hand to give attention, affection & interaction.


We take the dogs outside for potty breaks every hour or so. We have a nice outside play area, complete with 2 decking areas to chill out on and a grass area with toys, tunnels, baby pools and apparatus to climb/jump on and off of.

What we get up to in the day...

The dogs can enjoy lounging in the sun, resting in the shade on chairs and beanbags, playing in the doggy pool (weather pending) and generally getting lots of fresh air. Inside, the dogs play with their friends, run around the house wrestling and playing, or nap on doggy beds throughout the day.


We take all our day care visitors for 2 x1 hour walks per day and will take your instruction on whether this should be on or off the lead.


All dogs that come to us leave very well exercised, very happy and when we see them the next time the excitement they show us when we greet them speaks for itself!

Typical Day Care Schedule

08:00-09:00           Drop your pooch off



09:00-10:00           Play time



10:00-11:00           Chill time either in or out of the house



11:00-12:00           30 Min to 1 hour Walk (depending on age and stamina)                                 


12:00-14:00           Play time in or out of the house



14:00-15:00           Chill time either in or out of the house



15:00-16:00           One hour Walk



16:00-17:00           Play time



16:00-17:00          Chill time until Pickup

Our Prices

Morning or Afternoon drop off for Lunchtime or evening collect:


  • Includes at least 1 Dog Walk


  • Includes Training if required


  • Includes 1 play time and 1 chill time 




Drop of before work, or a Day out, collect when your done:


  • Includes at least 2 Dog Walks


  • Includes Training if required


  • Includes 2 play times and 1 chill times




 *Peak Season Prices are applied during holiday periods. Please click here to view our Doggie Day Care pricing policy