Pawlkies Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting with Pawlkies

Let us look after your Pet in your home...

Dogs, cats and other small pets relax in their own home and dislike the change that holidays can bring when they are transported to boarding establishments.


In worst-case scenarios they can become stressed and withdrawn when away from their usual environment.


Pawlkies Pet Sitting Service, can reflect your usual animal care routine, while you are away on holiday or business, by visiting your pet at home to take care of their needs.


Despite your absence, familiar sounds and smells reassure cats and small pets and they soon accept a pet sitter coming in to feed them, keep them clean and provide valuable companionship. 


We visit once or twice a day to ensure that your pets are healthy and happy and can give medication, as well as plenty of TLC, while you are away.


Pawlkies regular visits to your home while you are away also serve as a security measure. We can remove post, open and close curtains or blinds, put out the bins and water plants, all of which suggests the house is still occupied.



Alternatively, you may prefer for one of our carers to spend more time with your loved ones, i.e. if you have a new puppy, or even an older pet that just likes companionship.


Pawlkies offers our home stay service to meet your requirements and ensure your house continues to be lived in and your pets continue to be cared for whist youre away. 


Whether Home Visits or Home Stays, we will only charge you for our service once, we dont add any more charges on for additonal pets in the same house like other companies. 





Our Prices

Book one or two 30 mins home visits per day to meet your requirments...


  • Feed and water all you pets


  • Clean pets toilet areas daily


  • Open and close curtains morning and evening


  • Put your bins out on bin day and of course.... 


  • Provide company and lots of cuddles as well as outside time as requested





  *Peak Season Prices are applied during holiday periods. Please click here to view these prices and our Home Boarding pricing policy