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Pawlkies Home Boarding


What Constitutes a Boarding Period?


  • A boarding period is the unit of time that starts on the day of drop-off and ends at noon of every subsequent day.

  • The first day is always charged. 

  • The last day will NOT be charged when your pet is picked up in the morning hours.

  • The last day WILL be charged when your pet is picked up in the afternoon/evening hours.  

  • Afternoon/evening hour pickups may stay until the next morning at no extra charge since last day is already charged.





  • Drop off time: 6 PM on a Monday. Pickup time: 4 PM the following Wednesday: 
    Total boarding periods: 3 (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday)


  • Drop off time: 9 AM on a Monday. Pickup time: 12 Noon on a Thursday
    Total boarding periods: 3 (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday)




Both of the above examples incur the same charges. In the first, we must reserve the space for the entire day on Monday. Whether you drop off your pet as we open or before we close, our "cost" is the same since we don't provide partial-day boarding.


In addition, picking up your pet on Wednesday afternoon instead of morning means that the space will remain empty that night as it is unlikely it will be filled in the last minutes before closing, therefore, PM pickups incur in a new period's charge.


Example two shows the longest time your pet can stay on a three-period charge.





Many establishments charge both for the first and last day regardless of times. We tried to "split the difference" by not charging for the last day if your pet is picked up during morning business hours.


We've tried many different pricing policies and hours over time and none is perfect for every case. We settled for the one that seem to work for the majority of our customers. Just remember that if "this time" it seems unfair for your case, the "next time" it may work to your advantage.



Off Peak Weekday and Weekend

Weekday Boarding £30 per boarding period

Weekend Boarding £35 per boarding period

Peak Season pricing

We operate Peak and Off-Peak times of the year, our peak times are as follows:

School half terms

Easter Holidays

Summer Holidays

During Peak times, our home boarding rate is £35 per boarding period. 


Pawlkies Doggie Day Care


What are our Full and Half day care sessions? 


  • FULL Day Care Session - Drop off after 8am and collection before 6pm. 

  • HALF Day Care Session are each 4.5 hours, these are either MORNING - drop off after 8am and collection before 1:30pm or AFTERNOON - drop off after 1:30pm and collection before 6pm. Our FULL day care rate will be charged if collection is after 4.5 Morning or Afternoon hours.



Out of Hours Fee


A £5 out hours fee will be applied in addition to the fees for the day when pet(s) are dropped off between 7am and 8am or collected between 6pm and 6:30pm. A £10 out of hours fee will be applied when pet(s) are collected between 6:30pm and 8pm.

Saturday and Sunday Day Care

We don't usually open for Day care classes on weekends, however we do occasionally make exceptions especially if you are struggling to find care for your little ones, so please do ask, A £10 surcharge will be applied on weekends per day.



Pawlkies Pet Sitting


Out of Hours Fee


Visits can be arranged outside of our HOME VISITS core hours, however a £10 surcharge will be applied per visit.

Saturday and Sunday Pet Sitting

There will be a £10 surcharge for Saturday and Sunday visits. This charge will only be applied once per day. 

Peak Season pricing

We operate Peak and Off-Peak times of the year, our peak times are as follows:

School half terms

Easter Holidays

Summer Holidays

During Peak times, our pet sitting rate is £11 per home visit. 




Pawlkies Dog Walking


Unless specifically requested, all dogs walks are walked in groups of no more than 6 and will generally be grouped based on size. If there is a requirement to walk your dog individually, a £10 surcharge will be applied per walk.

Saturday and Sunday Walking

There will be a £10 surcharge for Saturday and Sunday dog walks. 




Travel Costs


  • Pawlkies currently service a 2 mile Radius of Blandford for FREE. Additional miles outside of this radius are charged at 50p per mile. 

  • For any round trip travel time of 30 minutes or more, an additional £10 surcharge will added to the calculated milage charge.



Bank Holidays


  • Unfortunately we close on Bank holidays, we do occasionally make exceptions, so please do ask. We charge double rates for all Bank holiday care. 





  • We don't require a deposit for any of our services, however, if a cancellation is made within 24 hours of a scheduled walking, pet sitting or daycare appointment, the full service charge will be applied.

  • For cancellations of any boarding appointments, if a cancellation is made within 7 days of the booking a 50% service charge will be applied, if this cancellation is made within 24 hours of the booking, the full service charge will be applied. 

  • For long term care contract cancellations, a minimum of two weeks notice will be required. to ensure we can manage our staff utilisation effectively. If this cancellation is made with immediate effect, a two week service charge will be applied to your final invoice. 



Blandford Dog Walking

1 hour and 30 minute Walks available

Blandford Pet Sitting

We will feed and sit with your pets at your home whenever you need us to.

Blandford Doggie Day Care

You drop them off and we'll pamper your doggies all day long.

Blandford Home Boarding

Whether a few days or a few weeks, we will look after your dog in a home from home environment...

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